Rodenstock Lenses Serial Numbers for 35mm Interchangeable lens cameras (羅敦司得可換鏡頭序列號)

Rodenstock was a well-known manufacturer of medium/large format lenses as well as enlarging lenses. From 1950s to early 1960s, they had produced some interchangeable Lenses for 35mm SLR and viewfinder cameras. Like many other Germany manufacturer, the lenses changed from chrome finish to black finish with focus/aperture ring in zebra style.

Although Rodenstock produced two million lenses from 1954 to 1961, it seems the production number of interchangeable lenses is relatively low compare to other Germany manufacturer.

I have included some data on serial numbers in the list below. As I don’t have the official production figures, the data may be far from complete. If you have seen or owned a lens with serial number not listed in below, it will be nice if you let us know the serial number (first five digits or the whole number) with a link or photo. If you found any errors, please let me know too.

Below is the list of all the interchangeable lenses made for 35mm cameras, sorted by lens mount/camera type and focal length. Most of the following lenses can be adapted to digital cameras with readily available adapters except the 40/2.8 and 75/4.

Production Dates for Rodenstock Lenses, Up to Year (extract):
2,000,000 1945
2,500,000 1952
3,000,000 1954
4,000,000 1957
4,500,000 1960
5,000,000 1961
5,300,000 1963

Leica Thread Mount (LTM):

Rodenstock-Heligon 35mm f/2.8 (chrome)

SN known: 22981xx, 23274xx, 23275xx, 23276xx, 23277xx, 23695xx, 23696xx, 23697xx, 23698xx, 23699xx, 23710xx, 23711xx, 23712xx, 24595xx, 24596xx, 24597xx, 24598xx, 35253xx

M42, Exakta and cameras with Synchro-Compur shutters (so called DKL):

Eurygon 30mm f/2.8

SN known: 37622xx, 37623xx, 37625xx(1), 38575xx, 38576xx, 38577xx, 38578xx(1), 38579xx(1), 38580xx, 38581xx, 38582xx(1), 40308xx, 40310xx, 42022xx(2)

SN known: 37624xx, 37626xx, 38567xx, 38570xx, 38574xx, 38575xx, 38577xx, 38578xx, 38580xx, 38583xx, 40308xx, 44816xx, 44817xx, 44819xx

Rodenstock Retina-Eurygon
SN known: 4204xxx, 4282xxx, 4285xxx, 4289xxx, 4290xxx, 4333xxx, 4555xxx, 4556xxx, 4675xxx, 4750xxx, 4751xxx, 4913xxx

Eurygon 35mm f/4

Rodenstock-Eurygon (Vitessa T/Braun Colorette)
SN known: 35030xx, 35031xx, 36169xx

Rodenstock-Eurygon (Iloca)
SN known: 40723xx, 44783xx

Rodenstock Retina-Eurygon
SN known: 4070xxx, 4071xxx, 4072xxx, 4203xxx, 4204xxx, 4286xxx, 4290xxx, 4441xxx, 4476xxx, 5480xxx

Rodenstock-Trinar-L 40mm f/2.8 (Braun Paxette Electromatic 1A)
SN known: 4838xxx, 4839xxx, 4840xxx, 4842xxx, 4847xxx

Ysarex 50mm f/2.8

Rodenstock-Ysarex (Vitessa T/Braun Colorette)
SN known: 3617xxx, 3817xxx, 3855xxx, 3856xxx

SN known: 43315xx, 44899xx

Rodenstock Retina-Ysarex
SN known: 4073xxx, 4074xxx, 4075xxx, 4076xxx, 4078xxx(Macca), 4332xxx, 4476xxx, 4477xxx, 4607xxx, 4754xxx

Heligon 50mm f/1.9

SN known: 36897xx(3), 37625xx, 38565xx, 38567xx, 38568xx, 38569xx, 38570xx, 40313xx, 40314xx

SN known: 37626xx, 38564xx, 38566xx, 38567xx, 38568xx, 38569xx, 38572xx, 38573xx, 42798xx

Rodenstock Iloca-Heligon
SN known: 42799xx, 42800xx, 42801xx, 43142xx, 43148xx

Rodenstock Retina-Heligon
SN known: 4202xxx, 4203xxx, 4285xxx, 4314xxx, 4356xxx, 4357xxx, 4471xxx, 4608xxx, 4674xxx, 4677xxx, 4752xxx

Rodenstock-Rotelar 75mm f/4 (Braun Paxette Electromatic 1A)

Rodenstock Retina-Rotelar
SN known: 4891xxx, 4892xxx

Rotelar 85mm f/4

Rodenstock-Rotelar (Vitessa T/Braun Colorette)
SN known: 3555xxx, 36165xx, 36166xx, 36167xx, 39654xx

Rodenstock Retina-Rotelar
SN known: 4201xxx, 4202xxx, 4205xxx, 4311xxx, 4312xxx, 4378xxx, 4441xxx, 4478xxx

Rodenstock-Rotelar 100mm f/4

SN known: 37626xx, 37627xx, 37628xx

M42 with aperture arm
SN known: 37627xx, 37628xx, 42764xx

Rotelar 135mm f/4

SN known: 37629xx, 37630xx, 40317xx, 40318xx

M42 with aperture arm
SN known: 42764xx

Rodenstock Retina-Rotelar
SN known: 4204xxx, 4205xxx, 4282xxx, 4306xxx, 4382xxx, 4440xxx, 4607xxx, 4652xxx, 4675xxx, 4751xxx, 4752xxx, 4763xxx

Rodenstock-Rotelar(Vitessa T/Braun Colorette)
SN known: 3711xxx, 3714xxx, 4194xxx, 4760xxx, 5100xxx

Rodenstock-Rotelar R
SN known: 3714xxx, 3854xxx, 3855xxx, 4687xxx, 5100xxx, 524xxxx

SN known: 4330xxx, 4331xxx, 4440xxx, 4489xxx

Rodenstock-Yronar 135mm f/3.5 (chrome/pre-set)

SN known:
with red “A”: 25940xx, 25941xx, 27146xx, 27856xx, 27857xx, 33154xx, 33155xx, 33975xx, 33976xx, 34336xx, 35881xx
without red “A”: 358818x(4), 37004xx, 40132xx, 40133xx, 42404xx, 42405xx

Rodenstock-Rotelar 180mm f/4.5 (black/pre-set)

SN known: 37631xx, 42025xx, 43054xx, 44519xx


1) At least one sample comes with chrome painted bayonet/non-automatic.
2) At least one sample comes with black painted bayonet/non-automatic.
3) This might be a pre-production SN. Thanks Max78@mflenses for the information.
4) Thanks Max78@mflenses for the information.

a) The red A symbol on the name ring meaning the lens is coated, similar to the red T used on Zeiss lenses and the red V used on Meyer lenses.
b) The lens-head of the two pre-set lenses can be unscrews from the focusing mount. Some Yronars are sold together with a bellow attachment and a bellow.
c) Some special/extremely rare/prototype lenses are not included here, e.g. Imagon 120mm f/4.5.


  1. Thank you, great to have those!!
    I do have the THIELE Lens books from Germany, not sure these here are in them.
    Great work, thanks!

    • I don’t have the rodenstock book from THIELE but I did bought a copy of the Steinheil book. I think the information on the remarks is valuable as the THIELE books don’t have these information.

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